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NILIT Ltd. (Hebrew: נילית בע"מ) is a privately owned, international manufacturer of nylon 6.6 (polyamide) fibers headquartered in Migdal HaEmek, Israel. NILIT specializes in the polymerization, spinning and texturing of nylon 6.6 yarns for textile applications.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "The managment at NILIT is poor. Not a good place to work. Work is too hard with not enough pay. Opened 24/7 regardless of weather or holidays".


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Former Employee - Site Supervisor says

"Everything. Horribly managed. I was hired as the super, but due to management everyone thinks their the boss. Telling me what to do yelling being rude and ignorant. When in actual reality I'm their boss. The owner told me take the day off so he can fix it. Then get a email saying I resigned. One of the worst companies I've ever worked for."

Former Employee - Site Supervisor says

"Completely unsafe, and was very clicky, the owner was a bully who bullied his staff at any opportunity possible. The company also did a lot of unethical deals, I would never work there again. They will also take advantage of people who do not know labour laws."

lawn tech (Current Employee) says

"i work for this company for 4 years, i stop my life to make sure this company got full treatment, to come back over winter break to be told i no longer had a position & that they just didnt have a position for me anymore"

Catherine says

"Hi, I bought a meile washing machine; very good , week after I bought a meile tumble dryer cost £1000, worst dryer I’ve ever had, has to be put on Six times to dry load of towels;company never got in touch to ask was I satisfied; their customer care leaves a lot to be desired,plus delivery men moaning about fitting product even though I’d paid extra for fitting,would definitely not recommend this product."

Mrs Grinnell says

"I bought a Miele washing machine and dryer thinking that they should be trouble free. Sadly the washing machine had to have rusty parts replaced before it was 1 year old and I had numerous call outs for it in the first 2years. It is over complicated and the touch screen is slow to react.Too many steps just to turn it on. The dryer had to be replaced after numerous call outs as 'not fit for purpose'. It kept telling me to clean the filters and the airways. The replacement dryer is having the same problems. Neither machine dried the sheets properly - I have to put them through twice. Today I was told that if the kitchen was too warm it wouldn't work and it had to have plenty of air around it. There is door to the garage immediately on one side and another to the garden on the other side. The machine is placed freestanding under the worktop but it will not work. All the time the message comes up 'clean out the filters and airways' which I've done endlessly. Service times are also very poor, no one is available until mid October. The engineers are always very polite but that doesn't make the problems any better. The touch screen is too slow and frequently does not respond, I would never buy a Miele again, nor would I recommend buying one. I am extremely disappointed."

Richard L says

"Needed a spare for our vacuum, found the part, no guest checkout. Tried about 10 times to complete the registration process on 3 different browsers, just sat there not completing each time, so I went to a 3rd party and bought the same genuine Miele part for the same price in about a minute."

Julie Burton says

"If I could give no stars I would!! this relates to their so called customer service which is beyond incompetent. I have a TwinDos washing machine which is not the problem, getting the replacement cartridges is! In the 3 years I have had the machine I have had maybe one seamless purchase of the replacements. Generally I order 5 at a time in a package which is not cheap! I have emails conforming the purchase and then the wait begins. After some days or even weeks I try to find out where the package is, usually to then be told it is out of stock. So I have asked on numerous occasions why I am not informed of this when i order and PAY but no one has ever been able to explain why this is the case. I usually end up having to purchase an alternative which I truly resent seeing as oh yes I have PAID but also i purchased this machine because I like the system! This week though has seen a new low, ordered last week, had email confirmation that my cartridges would arrive Monday, by Wednesday guess cartridges! Phone customer services, wait for ages to speak to someone and I will not bore you all with the gory details but she basically said it was parcel forces fault but she would contact them and get back to me which she didn't. No surprises! I called back later in the day and spoke with another person, I am losing the will to live by this point having spent inordinate amounts of time trying to get through, this guy seems to be more on the ball and says he will send me a replacement set of cartridges by express delivery. So today a package arrives, I know its wrong before I open it given the size and weight and I find, well I don't actually know what it is, some sort of filter for a vacuum perhaps! Another pice of my life gone in trying to get through to customer so called services again only to be greeted by a rather unpleasant person who blames it on a warehouse error. Always seems to be someone else fault and never a true apology! Asked to speak to a manager re my ongoing concerns but other than speak over me all the time whilst Im still talking she was particularly unhelpful and rather rude, says shell arrange another delivery but I have no faith left at all. I do also have a Miele vacuum and was looking to purchase their coffee machine but in all honesty I will never spend my money with them again, such terrible customer service its almost laughable!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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